Falling off the wagon

As I said before, nobody s perfect and this diet is so restrictive that it is completly normal to be tempted. Sometimes it happens that you fall out of the wagon because you are alone, nobody is watching you, you have a moment of weakness. For me, it was this rest of spaghetti. I knew it was there and I wanted it so bad so I cooked it and to have a good conscience I made a sauce with a lot of fat. After 3 spoons, I throw it away. I felt very bad because I knew that I broke my system, I was scared that somebody would find out and be disapointed. Two days later, I made a Ketostick Test and it was only pink, not velvet red like usual. This showed me that really everything what I eat has an influence on my body and it is very important that I keep this diet without exceptions.

So I asked myself, how can I stay strong in my ketogenic diet and continue to eat things that I love for instance lasagna or pizza?

I started experimenting with cooking. I created a ketogenic lasagna and I have to say it is work but it is so delicious, it´s worth it!!! Here is the recipe…

For my birthday, I made homemade pizza so my friends wouldn´t complain about the food (no carbs, what????). I garnished the pizza with things that I could eat and a lot of fresh mozzarella. I ate the garnish with a homemade garlic olive oil, it was delicious like a vegetable casserole baked with cheese. You just have to remember not to eat the base of the pizza. Which in fact doesn´t matter because it´what has the less taste from the whole meal!

Same for pasta: in fact white pasta has no real taste, if you replace it with vegetables in a creative way with for instance zucchini spaghetti and any sauce that pleases you, you have a great dish!


Did you ever fall off the wagon? What do you do to resist temptation? Share your experience in our comment section!


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Ketogenic diet at work

This an important post for all persons with a chronical illness and taking heavy medications.When you work full time you are affected by your illness. This was my case with epilepsy. It is not easy to handle a job with stress and pressure and to handle all the stupid side effects of your medications because the most disturbing is not the illness, it´s the side effects! You are so tired that you have to hide in the toilets because your eyes close, and you sleep there against the wall for 5 minutes (yes I did it and I am sure I  am not the only one). You had 10 hours sleep but the Valproate that you take in high dosis makes you a zombie and staying awake and concentrate is really tough. But you work hard because you have something to prove! That you can do it against and above all the shit that is in your blood. During years it was very difficult for me, waking up and looking decent every day, professional. At school and during my studies I was sleeping the first 2 hours. That´s impossible in the working world where everybody wait to see your weaknesses… I had many times the luck to meet great collegues and superiors whose compassion I will never forget and who gave me a chance to improve and learn.


I tried the ketogenic diet and my life changed also at work. I did not need 10h sleep anymore, I wasn´t feeling so tired during the day but on the opposite full with energy. I don´t need to lie down 10 or 15 minutes to rest but I can work without a pause. I feel great guys!

How do I keep the ketogenic diet going at work? 

I don´t cook at work and you can´t buy meals that are already done because they contain too much sugar and you don´t know the proportions. So I eat during every lunch break a big salad that I prepare myself with iceberg salad (no carbs, only water), cherry tomatoes, green olives, gouda, walnuts and a homemade french dressing with olive oil, mustard and red wine vinegar. Very easy and delicious. Of course, calculate every ingredient to have the correct proportion that you are allowed to use. After eating that, you won´t be hungry, you won´t be tired. Another trick to continue eating ketogenic at work, cook more at home then what you need for diner and bring it back for lunch! Or think about soups (my favorite and my next post: carrots, coconut milk and ginger).

Here I would like to thank my current boss who is a big support. He treats me like a normal employee an gives me a lot of responsability which is challenging but great at the same time. I never had the feeling that I matter for an organisation before and I thank him so much for giving me this present. I wish more CEO would dare to trust those of us who have difficulties to start with. We learned to live with it and got stronger. We have our strengths and the beauty should be to use them!

Today my end message goes to everybody around: don´t be afraid, I know a seizure  might look very impressive but we are completely normal.



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What is a ketogenic diet and why doing one?

I am not a doctor and all I know about the ketogenic diet and its benefits comes from research and my own experience. Therefore for this post I will quote “The Charlie Foundation”because I think they have the best and simplest explanation what ketogenic diet is all about:

The diet is high in fat, supplies adequate protein and is low in carbohydrates. This combination changes the way energy is used in the body. Fat is converted in the liver into fatty acids and ketone bodies. Another effect of the diet is that it lowers glucose levels and improves insulin resistance. An elevated level of ketone bodies in the blood, a state known as ketosis, leads to a reduction in the occurrence of epileptic seizures.

The ketogenic diet was designed in 1924 by Dr. Russell Wilder at the Mayo Clinic. Despite being highly effective in treating epilepsy, it fell out of fashion due to the surge in new anti-seizure medications in the 1940s.

Source: https://www.charliefoundation.org/explore-ketogenic-diet/explore-1/introducing-the-diet



To sum up, when you are doing a ketogenic diet you can not eat any sugar anymore and only a bit (but really a very low amount) of carbohydrates. So no chocolate, no sweet, no pasta, no pizza why should I do that?


My father tryed to convince me since age 16 that the stomac is the second brain and food plays a big role in your illness. I never listened because I was never interested in my illness. I took my medication, followed what the doctors said, felt sometimes like a laboratory rat who tries different drugs and I thought “give me a break, I am already being a nice girl no drinking, not too much partying, so I will not stop eating what I like!”.

Sometimes listen to your dad 😉

Now that I started it, after only one week, I almost do not feel the side effects amymore from my medications (I have three every morning and night). My hair stopped falling, I do not need 10 hours sleep anymore and I am not sleepy during the day, I am very fit it is crazy! It is like waking up after 16 years in half sleep. Last but not least, I have a very deep sleep which was never the case before, I always had nightmares and yelled in the night. Finally I lost most of the weight that I took because of the valproate and that feels very great! Now I am wondering, why the hell didn´t I start earlier?

For the moment, I am still taking my medication so you could be wondering how can I know if it works?

5 weeks after starting the diet I bought ketosticks. You can find them in every pharmacy. It´s like a pregnancy test: you pee on it, wait 3 minutes and the color shows the amount of ketons in your body. I had the highest amount which shows I am producing ketons, what I am doing is not for nothing, it is working!


Also around the same time I forgot one evening to take my medication. At 5 a.m in the morning, I woke up because I had a bad feeling and some auras. I had some light tremors during 15 minutes and it stopped. I was scared that a seizure was on its way so I couldn´t fall asleep but nothing came. Around 7 a.m I understood that I forgot my medications. I decided not to act on it and to take my normal dose of the morning. I also decided to go as everything were normal to work. Nothing happened all day long. Normally, before the diet when I forgot my medications the next day is a very shitty day… means I am shaky, I have a high risk of seizures well I do not go to work and stay in front of a computer during 8h.


imagesThis was a long post but I think an important one. Feel free to share your
experience or if you have any question to ask anything you want. This diet helps not only in case of epilepsy but also in case of cancer, prevention for alzheimer, dementia and so many fields I am sure!




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Birthday – what do you bake?

So today is my birthday. A few days ago I was a bit depressed, thinking that I would have no cake to blow the candles. But negative thoughts never stay long and I started creating some easy cake recipes. One in particular worked very well (and fast). It´s a derivation of a yoghurt cake but instead of using flour I used grounded almonds and a bit of hemp flour. I replaced sugar with two little apples and cinnamon. In this recipe, the proportion are calculated with a cup of yoghurt (nature without sugar).

  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup yoghurt
  • 1 cup sunflower oil
  • 3 cup of grounded almonds (2 and 1/2 if you add 1/2 cup hemp flour)
  • 2 apples sweet/sour (not to sweet) and bio
  • 1 backing powder bag
  • Cinnamon


What do you bake for special events? What are your tricks to have some sweet in your life despite your diet? Keep being strong, life without sugar is delicious!


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Motivation is the key when you start something as difficult as a ketogenic diet. The question is, why are you doing it? To loose weight? Could be.. To prevent or fight an illness like cancer, epilepsy, alzheimer, dementia ok these are good and solid reasons. What I learned is that your motivation has to be personal and very solid because so many people will try to convince you at the beginning that you shouldn´t do it (luckily you have good people who will give you support too). Also, this diet is very tough and you will be tempted so many times. You need to always vizualize your motivation, it helps a lot.

About me, I have epilepsy for 16 years now. A few years ago, my neurologist told me that with the medication that I am taking (Keppra, Valproate, Lamotrigine) I could not be pregnant. Valproate (Valproic acid) was the problem, it has a high risk of causing malformation during the pregnancy. I did not worry and thought that I just could stop this medication. I tried several times at the hospital slowly not even to stop it but only to reduce it and it was horror. I started having seizures again at night, it was not an easy time for my boyfriend. After a few months we stopped the experiment. One year later, I was looking for alternatives and a friend told me about the ketogenic diet. After some long research I suggested it to my neurologist. To be honest, he was at the beginning a bit reluctant. To show my motivation I stopped eating sugar during three months. In november I went for three weeks to Mexico where I saw the excess of the sugar consummation. When I came back, my neurologist give me the go to start the diet from home.

In summary, this diet is my chance to maybe have a family one day that´s my motivation, what keeps me going. I have to say it is not easy everyday when you have a fulltime job, to cook and be organized and always make sure that you do not eat sugar (hidden or not) or more than my 10gr carbohydrates/day. But I do it and sharing this experience helps me staying strong and maybe will help some of you who are living the same thing.

So what is your motivation? What keeps you going?



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